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23 Jun 2016
Allen Baler: Become an Intrapreneur So, you have an entrepreneurial spirit, but you don’t yet have the perfect idea for a new business or you’re not in a financial position to go out on your own right now.   Perfect. This blog is targeted specifically to you.   A Read More
08 Jun 2016
Allen Baler: Forget Generational Stereotypes Everywhere you look online these days, there’s another pseudo-article on “How to Attract Millennial Workers” or “How Gen-Xers Relate to Boomers.” These are just made up examples, but they are representative of the kind of fluffy content I regu Read More
20 May 2016
Allen Baler: It’s a Brave New World Out There Remember back in the late 1990s when Kodak dominated the photo paper industry? The company had more than 150,000 employees and 85 percent of the camera market, according to a Harvard Business School case study. I’m sure at the time it seemed like a gr Read More