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24 Nov 2015
Allen Baler: Get Moving on Your 2016 Strategic Plan One of the oldest clichés in the book is, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”   There’s a lot of truth in that simple statement. We see it frequently at 4Patriots LLC, where we provide products designed to help people become more Read More
12 Nov 2015
Allen Baler: Three Ideas to Encourage Healthy Work-Life Balance These days, the workweek has morphed from a 9-5 proposition to a blur of personal and business needs being attended to simultaneously. Our busy lives move at warp speed, helped (or not) by the ever present gadgets we arm ourselves with to stay connected Read More
05 Nov 2015
Allen Baler: 3 Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid These days, most every business has at least one social media page – be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest. No longer a “nice to have” part of your overall marketing game plan, but rather a necessity, social media is today what websites w Read More