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17 Jan 2017
Allen Baler: Take Time for Creative Thinking Most entrepreneurs are creative types. Even if creativity isn’t your strongest suit – compared to, say, leadership and vision – you pretty much had to be creative in the first place to come up with the idea for your business and to figure out effe Read More
03 Jan 2017
Allen Baler: In 2017, Look at Your Business Like a Shark Well, here we are – another year gone (and some would say to 2016, “Good riddance!") and another year laid out before us like a huge blank slate.   Social media and the blogosphere are saturated with advice about “finding your passion, Read More
20 Dec 2016
Allen Baler: 3 Entrepreneurial Trends to Watch in 2017 What does the entrepreneurial landscape look like for 2017?   Ask 10 “experts” and you’ll probably get 10 different answers. But there are some trends developing (or holding steady) that are worth looking at because they might reveal wh Read More