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24 Jun 2015
Allen Baler: Content Marketing Sparks Customer Engagement A while back I blogged about the importance of content marketing to a growing company. My main point was that not every communication with customers should be sales-driven.   You will build a much stronger trust factor with your customers if Read More
06 Jun 2015
Allen Baler: Don’t Ignore Offline Marketing Initiatives These days, when people tell you they are in marketing, it’s usually safe to assume they connect with all their customers and potential customers through the Internet. They attend digital marketing seminars, they purchase relevant email lists and they Read More
26 May 2015
Allen Baler: A Challenging Yet Rewarding Way to Combat the Gender Pay Gap We’ve all heard about the gender pay gap. Some of us have personally experienced it as employees, while others of us have perhaps dealt with it as employers.   The concept is that as a general rule, females are paid less money than males fo Read More