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27 Oct 2014
Allen Baler: Making Airline Security Checks More Tolerable If you are an entrepreneur, chances are you travel frequently or at least periodically. I sure do! Despite tremendous advances in technology, it’s still very important to have face time with clients and customers, and of course there are also the obli Read More
17 Oct 2014
Allen Baler: Exercise Your Way to Mental Sharpness When successful entrepreneurs put their statistics out there for public consumption, you don’t often see their weight, percentage of body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol levels.   No, the stats they advertise about themselves are usuall Read More
05 Oct 2014
Allen Baler: Growing Your Own “Farmacy” Regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, or just your personal journey, there’s one resource more vital than all others: your health. People understand now more than ever the dangers and health risks of eating processed and fast fo Read More