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27 Aug 2015
Allen Baler: Social Media Triggers Spark Engagement Like most companies, we at 4Patriots have a social media presence that helps us to organically connect with our customers and fans. While social media may not be our main traffic generator, we use it to manage our brand voice, engage with our demographi Read More
21 Aug 2015
Allen Baler: Keeping Offsite Teams Engaged Here at 4Patriots, about half of our team members work from home. And home can mean Georgia, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Connecticut, Texas, and even Idaho. We’ve long said that we want 4Patriots to be “a great place for great people to work.” And Read More
07 Aug 2015
Allen Baler: Manager Tools Lays Groundwork for Success “May I give you some feedback?”   This question is one heard frequently in our company since we invested in Mark Horstman’s “Manager Tools” training. Because our company, 4Patriots, is growing rapidly, we knew we needed to be mindfu Read More