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26 Oct 2016
Allen Baler: An Unexpected Result of Philanthropy Shortly after forming 4Patriots LLC, I began communicating to my employees regarding why I wanted 4Patriots to become a philanthropic company. I emphasized that first and foremost it’s the right thing to do, and I want my marketing firm to do the righ Read More
03 Oct 2016
Allen Baler: It’s Never Been Easier to Start a Business Back in the Mad Men days of typewriters, rolodexes, and message pads, being in business usually meant a brick-and-mortar office, lots of staff, and archaic technology by today's standards. Success stories still abound from the heyday of Steve Jobs and B Read More
07 Sep 2016
Allen Baler: Entrepreneurs Need Some Sales Savvy What type of person do you think would make for the best entrepreneur? A natural problem solver? Maybe a person who knows how to build stuff? How about a deep thinker? Or perhaps a high-energy extrovert?   Any of those types of people could p Read More