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01 Oct 2015
Allen Baler: Keeping It Real with Product Review Sites Have you ever visited a product review site that’s controlled by the manufacturer or distributor? Was every review complimentary of the product and the company? They frequently are.   Now, it’s very possible that all the reviews you see o Read More
24 Sep 2015
Allen Baler: We Can’t Take Our Water for Granted Anymore Most of us in America have been giving very little thought to water for as long as we can remember.   Yes, we know we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water every day and that we can’t live very long without it. But the fact that it Read More
10 Sep 2015
Allen Baler: Should Your Company Publicize Its Charitable Giving? Every once in a while I’ll see an item in the news about people such as Bill and Melinda Gates giving hundreds of millions of dollars to a charity or cause. I’m blown away by that level of benevolence, but some people react by saying, “Well, I wou Read More