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18 Dec 2014
Allen Baler: The 5 Best Life-Hacks for Entrepreneurs If you’re in business for yourself, you constantly hear that mantra in your head: “Bigger. Better. Faster. More.”   Translated, it means a bigger business, a better business, a faster business, and more profits. Everyone wants it. But w Read More
07 Dec 2014
Allen Baler: Does Your Business Need An App? With the speed at which technology travels nowadays, you can blink and you may have missed 2 generations of the latest gadgets that are claiming to revolutionize the way we live. So you don’t go bonkers trying to keep up with every tech trend that’s Read More
19 Nov 2014
Allen Baler: Vetrepreneurs Are Paying It Forward Do you know what a “vetrepreneur” is? If not, I’ll let you know in a moment.   Most men and women returning home from a stint in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines are very happy to be back. They’re able to become reacquainted Read More