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19 Apr 2016
Allen Baler: Women Entrepreneurs Forge Ahead in 2016 In recent years, much of the conversation surrounding women entrepreneurs has focused on the barriers they face.   Now, we know those roadblocks have been very real and unfortunately, many still exist. Women who have overcome those barriers t Read More
31 Mar 2016
Allen Baler – Doomsday Seed Vault: A Lesson in Food Independence Deep in the Arctic, nestled in the mountains of Norway, is a vault that could hold the key to humanity’s survival.   Nicknamed the “Doomsday Vault,” this futuristic-looking, land-locked vessel is home to the world’s most valuable asse Read More
16 Mar 2016
Allen Baler: Is Your Tap Water Safe to Drink? A while back I discussed the topic of water shortages in America. There is certainly no lack of media coverage of this topic in California and other Western states, as well as in the Southwest. The combination of drought and record-setting heat waves ha Read More