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07 Mar 2019
Authentic Marketing in the Age of Fake News In 2018, the whole game changed for media, and subsequently, direct marketers. Independent media firebrands like Alex Jones got completely de-platformed, being kicked off YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. The age of "Fake News" as Trump coined it is wel Read More
27 Nov 2018
Allen Baler: December Doesn’t Have to Stress You Out Before I owned a company, I really looked forward to the month of December with great anticipation. (I still do, and I’ll explain the difference in a moment.)   As an employee, December meant running at 100 percent rather than the 110 perce Read More
29 Aug 2018
The Busy Entrepreneur’s Productivity Secret: Podcasts No matter the size of your business, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Meetings, phone calls, email, strategy sessions, recruiting & hiring, you name it... your to-do list is too long and the day is too short. A Read More