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23 Jul 2015
Allen Baler on Holacracy: Will Zappos’ New Paradigm Fly, or Flop? In 2014, online retail giant Zappos made a huge shift in its operations. Rejecting the traditional hierarchy model of top-down management, CEO Tony Hsieh boldly navigated the company toward a new way of organizational management called “Holacracy.” Read More
06 Jul 2015
Allen Baler: Why Your Business Needs an Inbound Call Center The power of a real human voice is huge for addressing customer service issues and closing sales.   Imagine this…   You’ve been double-charged for an item you bought online and now you’re on hold while trying to get one of th Read More
24 Jun 2015
Allen Baler: Content Marketing Sparks Customer Engagement A while back I blogged about the importance of content marketing to a growing company. My main point was that not every communication with customers should be sales-driven.   You will build a much stronger trust factor with your customers if Read More