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28 Feb 2017
Allen Baler: How the Alt-Media is a Game-Changer I have to admit, I was flummoxed by the results of the 2016 election. Most everyone, Republicans included, thought that Hillary had this one in the bag. Pollsters, pundits, and talking heads were all offering commentary about a victory that they thought Read More
17 Feb 2017
Allen Baler: What’s It Take to Be a Successful Entrepreneur? When I meet new people and they learn that I launched a company nine years ago that is still thriving, invariably I get asked some of the same questions.   “What products do you sell?” “How many employees do you have?” “How did you Read More
04 Feb 2017
Allen Baler: Insights from “Thank You for Being Late” Our world is transforming at a dizzying pace, and in more ways than we can even grasp. From technology, to climate change, cultural and social norms, and economically speaking, we are all just trying to hang on in this roller coaster ride that is gainin Read More