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22 Aug 2014
Allen Baler: Extreme Weather Can Lead to Business Opportunities If you plow snow for a living, there’s probably not a whole lot of reason for you to read this blog post. You’re already well aware that a big snow storm can put you to work immediately.   [By the way, a good friend of mine started a snow Read More
12 Aug 2014
Allen Baler: Startups Are Crucial to Job Creation Considering the state of the economy over the past five or six years, I think we can all agree that job creation is hugely important to economic growth and the overall prosperity of the country. Unemployment figures have been too high for a long time, a Read More
31 Jul 2014
Allen Baler: Not Every Customer Communication Should Be Sales-Driven Effectively promoting products is a must for any company wishing to make sales. But not every form of communication from a company has to be sales-driven. In fact, when it is, customers and potential customers soon grow tired of the message. People don Read More