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30 Nov 2016
Allen Baler: An Attitude of Gratitude   After the Turkey's Worn Off, Consider Your Blessings Chances are you’ve just recovered from another family Thanksgiving. Maybe too much turkey and stuffing left you in a food coma, or your loudmouth Uncle Bob just couldn’t give the politics Read More
15 Nov 2016
Allen Baler: Stephen Covey’s Second Habit Will Help You Finish First The idea of launching a brand new business and then seeing where it takes you is a romantic concept, isn’t it? Blindly venturing into the unknown… taking on new challenges as they arise… dealing with uncertainties when they pop up… solving probl Read More
26 Oct 2016
Allen Baler: An Unexpected Result of Philanthropy Shortly after forming 4Patriots LLC, I began communicating to my employees regarding why I wanted 4Patriots to become a philanthropic company. I emphasized that first and foremost it’s the right thing to do, and I want my marketing firm to do the righ Read More