Allen Baler: An Attitude of Gratitude

Allen Baler on Gratitude


After the Turkey’s Worn Off, Consider Your Blessings

Chances are you’ve just recovered from another family Thanksgiving. Maybe too much turkey and stuffing left you in a food coma, or your loudmouth Uncle Bob just couldn’t give the politics a rest. We all joke about these kinds of get-togethers and their “dysfunction junction” hijinks. When the air clears of this all too familiar holiday humor, we can reflect on the true focus of Thanksgiving: gratitude for the bounty and blessings in our lives.


As we all decompress from a tawdry and tense election season, and let the phrase “President Trump” sink in, it’s a good time to step out of ourselves, quiet the noise, and take inventory of all the good things we enjoy.


Friends and Family Top the List


First and foremost, we can be grateful for our friends and families. Even the most motley crew of relatives can be a comfort, because generally speaking, these are the people who know you best. They represent the “rocks” in your life – people you can always return to for guidance, love, and even some gentle ribbing when you’ve made a mess of things (which we all do from time to time – because let’s face it… we’re all human).


Health is Our #1 Resource


Good health is another huge blessing. Perhaps someone you know is celebrating survivorship of a life-threatening illness. Thanksgiving and the remaining holiday season is a great time to reflect on the good fortune of robust health, and is also a prime opportunity to reaffirm a commitment to healthier habits, especially if you’ve overindulged or are currently falling short of those goals.


Grateful for the Land of the Free


And, no matter your political stripes, I think most of us are incredibly grateful to live in this great nation as free citizens. America most certainly has her flaws, past and present… but I for one feel fortunate to reside in a land where people are still free to pursue their own brand of happiness – whatever that may be.


The list of blessings we can all be grateful for could probably fill more than just a page on a screen. The hope is, though, that we may carry an “attitude of gratitude” in our minds and hearts, and daily reflect on all in our lives that is good – no matter what the time of year.


Here’s to wishing you a grateful – and blessed – holiday season.


Allen Baler is a leading entrepreneur and Harvard grad. Allen Baler is a Partner in 4Patriots LLC, based in Nashville.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not a substitute for the sound advice of a business professional with expertise in the subject matter discussed. Please seek appropriate counsel on what strategies make sense for your business.