Allen Baler: We Can’t Take Our Water for Granted Anymore

Allen Baler water purification

Most of us in America have been giving very little thought to water for as long as we can remember.


Yes, we know we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water every day and that we can’t live very long without it. But the fact that it has always been available for drinking, cooking and cleaning whenever we’ve turned on our kitchen, bathroom or outdoor faucets, has resulted in us taking it for granted.


Now, however, a growing number of Americans are starting to develop very different attitudes toward water. If you live in California or any of the Western states, you have become very much aware that access to clean drinking water can no longer be assumed.


They are facing drought conditions that keep getting worse every year. The combination of record-setting heat waves in the summer, less than average snowfall in the winter, and arid conditions in the spring and fall have caused major problems for farmers, ranchers and, frankly, everyone who wants to drink, clean and bathe like they used to.


The U.S. Drought Monitor tells us that 52 percent of the country – including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico – is suffering from a lack of precipitation and is now abnormally dry or stuck in a drought. California and other parts of the Western U.S. are facing “extreme” or “exceptional” drought conditions, and even parts of states such as Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Florida are dealing with drought conditions.


Some areas have instituted rationing, while in others people are being fined for watering their lawns. Many people have been advised to flush their toilets less often and take shorter showers. If the drought continues to worsen, these types of “suggestions” are bound to turn into strictly enforced laws.


If somebody figured out how to create water, he or she could own a booming business for many years to come. That’s not going to happen, but there certainly are water-related business opportunities available that could result in helping save crops, cattle and perhaps even human lives.


An area where we at 4Patriots LLC have become involved recently is water purification. We can’t make it rain or snow, but our Alexapure Pro products are helping people turn previously contaminated water into pure, clean drinking water.


It doesn’t look like the drought is going away anytime soon. Until it does, hopefully we can make life a little easier for people who just want to have access to the clean drinking water that most of us have taken for granted for so long.

Allen Baler is a leading entrepreneur and Harvard grad. Allen Baler is a Partner in 4Patriots LLC, based in Nashville.

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