Allen Baler: Grow a Garden Anywhere

Allen Baler: Grow a Garden Anywhere

Here at 4Patriots, we see ourselves as true “self-reliance evangelists.” We feature products that help all independence-minded Americans empower themselves to face an uncertain future with the same grit and confidence of their forebears.


In that spirit, we encourage all our customers to plant some sort of garden, regardless of their location. It’s one of the easiest, least expensive ways to gain food security, better overall health, and save money at the supermarket. Plus, by planting your own garden, you know exactly where your food is coming from, from seeds to soil. We even give away free seeds to help get the novice gardener started. Our Liberty Seed Vault is also a bestseller, as its seeds from every harvest can be replanted for future crops.


While planting a garden may sound appealing to many, it’s the upkeep and follow through that deter people from maintaining one. There’s also the question of location. A false assumption about gardening is that you must have a large yard or even acreage to make it work. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether your dwelling is a lakeside cottage or high rise condo, there are many choices available to you to make garden fresh produce you grow yourself a staple of a healthy diet.


With a little innovation and some elbow grease, you can have fresh vegetables and fruit adorning your table.


First, you’ll want to decide what type of garden fits your home and lifestyle. Then you can decide what types of produce to grow.


Urban gardens: many buildings in city neighborhoods offer community gardens to their residents these days. These may be rooftop gardens or a patch of ground close by that can be cultivated free of charge (just bring your own seeds, water, and share the surplus with your neighbors).


Container gardens: Popular for single adults or couples living in the city. Container gardens are normally limited to one or two varieties of crop; tomatoes are typically the most popular for their hardiness and versatility. This type of garden thrives on balconies and verandas, with lots of sun during the summer months.


Raised bed gardens: Great choice for the suburban set, a raised bed garden can be placed on your deck or patio without overtaking your yard. The small footprint also allows you to avoid backaches and knee pain from bending over or kneeling down.


Hay bale gardens: An unconventional choice but one that is becoming increasingly popular with green-thumb enthusiasts due to the lack of need for soil. It’s cheap, and a much less messy way to reap the benefits of gardening.


Aquaponic gardens: A bit more work to create, but an aquaponic garden also uses no soil and instead relies on fish and water to feed your plants. Aquaponics4Patriots is a DIY program that tells you step by step how to build your very own system, from plant beds to fish and everything in between. The benefit of an aquaponics garden is that you can also harvest the fish you raise as a lean source of clean protein.


So you see, gardening doesn’t have to mean backbreaking work in the hot sun. You can choose a variety of sizes and styles of garden that are perfect for the way you live. Adding fresh produce to your diet that you grow yourself will also benefit your body and your wallet.


There’s nothing holding you back from reaping a robust harvest of superior taste and good health with a garden of your own. All you need is the desire and a little investment of time and money. Pretty soon, you too could be enjoying the freshness of eating from “yard to table.”