Allen Baler: Social Media Triggers Spark Engagement

Allen Baler Social Media Marketing Triggers

Like most companies, we at 4Patriots have a social media presence that helps us to organically connect with our customers and fans. While social media may not be our main traffic generator, we use it to manage our brand voice, engage with our demographic, and share content we believe they care about.


Among several social sites we use, Facebook is the platform where our customers are most active. Our social media manager plans our posts in advance, and is also in charge of monitoring community engagement. She’s on our Facebook page daily, to see which posts garner the most likes, read the comments, and notice which topics seem to be “hitting a nerve” with our fans.


One recent Facebook post we shared was right before the July 4 holiday. Just like our company name indicates, our customers are very patriotic, with a strong love of our country, military, and the “Stars and Stripes.”


Around this time, a controversy was brewing about a “burn the flag” protest planned in NYC by disgruntled leftists wanting to make a political statement (about what remains unclear – suffice it to say they have a chip on their shoulder regarding America in general).


Of course, this type of protest wasn’t going to go unchallenged. A video of a growing counter-protest surfaced, featuring an outspoken woman named Diane from Brooklyn, who wasn’t going to take the burning of Old Glory lying down. Diane spoke bravely about her pride for her nephew as a newly minted Marine and her love of America, all while standing tall next to a large American flag.


The video we shared turned out to be our most popular post ever, earning a whopping 729 “likes” and multiple “shares.” Before we knew it, the thing had gone viral! When our social media manager brought this to our attention, we decided to run with it and promoted the post to reach even more people on Facebook.


We also took it a step further: we sent an email featuring the popular video and an offer to enter for a free giveaway – a year’s supply of survival food. While the email itself wasn’t exactly selling anything except the chance to enter and win some free product, it was a golden opportunity for us to connect more deeply with our customers on an issue they feel strongly about.


While planning your social posts in advance is important and helps keep things organized, striking while the iron is hot is even more paramount. By spotting important “social media triggers” and incorporating them into your overall strategy, you will increase your community engagement and reveal exactly what your customers are thinking and feeling.


Because we as an organization are very “tuned in” to what our fans care about, we are able to leverage that knowledge to tie in to our other marketing efforts, and subsequently help our bottom line – both immediately and leading to future sales.


It’s all about “keeping your finger on the pulse” of what matters to your customer. When you know what they care about on more than just a superficial level, you gain an even more powerful arsenal of marketing firepower.


Allen Baler is a leading entrepreneur and Harvard grad. Allen Baler is a Partner in 4Patriots LLC, based in Nashville.

Disclaimer: This blog post is not a substitute for the sound advice of a business professional with expertise in the subject matter discussed. Please seek appropriate counsel on what strategies make sense for your business.

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